About Us

We'd love to tell you an exciting story involving a long lost recipe, generations of distillers or some rare botanical we've recently unearthed.  However, our story starts more simply.  A mutual appreciation of gin and a passion for sustainability.


In 2019, we (Seb and Tony) founded the Dog And Spoon Distillery with the desire to create fantastic gins in an eco-friendly and ethical way.  A year later we completed the renovation of a converted grain store on an old farm in Alfreton, Derbyshire into a small batch distillery and in 2021 launched our first product, Science Project 6a.


Dog and what?

Want to know why we are called Dog and Spoon Distillery?

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Just launched

Science Project 6a has just launched.  Find out more about our refreshing, citrusy gin

Green Field


Learn about how making great gin doesn't have to be bad for the planet 

Wooden beams at the Dog and Spoon Distillery


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Co-Founder, Sometimes Serious Jobber, Master at Following Lego Instructions and Professional Hand Model



Co-Founder, Lifelong Software Engineer & Professional Dog Wrestler