About Us

We'd love to tell you an exciting story involving a long lost recipe, generations of distillers or some rare botanical we've recently unearthed. However, our story starts more simply. A mutual appreciation of Gin


In 2019, we founded the Dog And Spoon Distillery with the desire to create fantastic gins while doing our bit for mother nature. A year later we completed the renovation of a converted grain store on an old farm in Alfreton, Derbyshire.


Find out more about what we produce over on the Gin page.

Why are we called the Dog And Spoon Distillery? 

It's hard to say exactly how we came up with the name, but we've narrowed it down to a few possibilities and always thinking of more!

Let us know which one you think is best and if you can think of a good origin story we'll give you a mention right here.

  • Tony's first words after being involved in a car crash in Budapest

  • The first two words Seb learnt in Russian

  • Originally to be used as a brand name for dog treats

  • Randomly selected when one of the dogs picked up a spoon and ran into the door while we were trying to come up with a name

  • Answers to 4 down and 17 across in a children's crossword puzzle

  • Named after the character Spoon from the movie Dog Soldiers

  • Illustration names from pages 17 and 36 of the The Kama Sutra 

  • The way Tony spells Snoop Dogg