Anyone for gin?

Here at the Dog and Spoon Distillery we like to have a little fun, but one thing we are serious about is gin.

Why make another gin?

Having been gin drinkers for many years and sampled (responsibly) a lot of gins, we knew what sort of gin we liked, but we were curious whether we could make a gin we loved.

So we we set about researching, experimenting and doing even more sampling.  Months later with misdirection, mishaps and malfunction, we started to get close.  We then methodically iterated, making minor adjustments, until we ended up with our first gin.

What type of gin do we make?

We make a London Dry Gin, expect juniper and citrus with a delightful mid-palette formed from our hand selected botanicals, ending with a smooth finish and just a little warmth.

Amongst other botanicals we've infused Citrus, Verbena, Cassia Bark and Cardamom into a unique recipe that we think is equally perfect sipped neat or in a G&T (with a slice of orange or lemon).

Here at HQ we have the incredibly tough job of experimenting with different serves and cocktails, which of course we'll be sharing with you in the near future.

What do people think of our gin?

Don't believe us?  We've been routinely asking friends and family for feedback during recipe development, just look at what they've said below!

"The best thing he's done since his year 3 art project" - Seb's mum

"Bin? I've taken the bin out already!" - Seb's dad

"This is exactly the sort of gin I would make!" - Tony, co-founder Dog And Spoon Distillery

"It tastes like gin!" - Seb's wife

"Ugghhhh" - Tony's wife