Raspberry Sour

Raspberry Sour 5109.jpg
Raspberry Sour 5089.jpg


  • 45ml 6a Gin

  • 5 Fresh Raspberries

  • 15ml Sugar Syrup

  • 20ml Lime Juice

  • Egg White (or foamer)

  • Ice


Muddle the raspberries in a shaker.

Reverse Dry shake all the ingredients. Basically put all the ingredients (including ice) into a shaker and shake for 15 seconds. Strain with the Hawthorne and put back into the shaker (no ice) and repeat.

Instead of egg whites, you can use a few drops of Ms Betters Foamers.

Pour with a double strain using a Hawthorne and a fine strainer

Garnish with Raspberries or edible flowers.