Not just a buzzword to us

We've experimented with many sustainable approaches for powering our Still, unfortunately husky powered hamster wheels didn't work as expected, so we used the sun instead and draw on solar power.

We're passionate about doing the right thing and here are just some of the projects we've been involved in.

  • Biomass and it heating us up, keep us toastie in the winter

  • We've planted a forest 

  • If the sun isn't enough for our solar, we fall-back on 100% sustainably sourced energy provider

  • Fully recyclable packaging

  • No plastics in our products 

  • We're working on an innovative method for water recycling and a closed water system for cooling our Still. 

  • Attempting to grow our own botanicals and fruits. Junipers have been planted, along with a Lemon plant and bay leaves.

Lemon Plant

Baby Lemon Plant


Juniper Bush


Biomass Boiler


Solar Panels



Nothing to waste

If we can re-use something we will, here are the areas we are trying to re-use any leftovers or waste.

  • All our spent botanicals are put in our compost bin, this helps keep the flowers and trees healthy

  • The heads part of our distilling process is converted into cleaning products for use around the farm

  • Closed water system, ensures we don't waste water whilst cooling our Still.

If you have any ideas, let us know.