Why are we called the Dog And Spoon Distillery? 

It's hard to say exactly how we came up with the name, but we've narrowed it down to a few possibilities and always thinking of more!

Let us know which one you think is best and if you can think of a good origin story we'll give you a mention right here.

  • Tony's first words after being involved in a car crash in Budapest

  • The first two words Seb learnt in Russian

  • Originally to be used as a brand name for dog treats

  • Randomly selected when one of the dogs picked up a spoon and ran into the door while we were trying to come up with a name

  • Answers to 4 down and 17 across in a children's crossword puzzle

  • Named after the character Spoon from the movie Dog Soldiers

  • Illustration names from pages 17 and 36 of the The Kama Sutra 

  • The way Tony spells Snoop Dogg