Carbon Neutral Gin

What type of Gin do we make?

We make all types of Gin, and our Science Project collection is a Carbon Neutral London Dry Gin. Expect juniper and citrus with a delightful mid-palette formed from our hand selected botanicals, ending with a smooth finish and just a little warmth.

Amongst other botanicals we've infused various Citrus elements, Verbena, Cassia and Cardamom into a unique recipe that we think is equally perfect sipped neat or in a Classic Gin and Tonic (with a slice of orange or lemon).

What is a Carbon Neutral Gin?

We've analysis every part of that makes up a bottle of our Gin, we've located and used the most eco-friendly, sustainable products where possible. From the glue in the packaging to the stoppers on the bottle and the bottle itself. We then looked at the life cycle of these items and calculated it's carbon footprint, once we've totalled all the individual part we had the Kg CO2 for a bottle (the carbon footprint). As we had done a lot of work and investment into selecting the right bits for our Gin, our carbon footprint is low, only 2.92Kg CO2 per bottle, that's equivalent to 3.1 wash cycles at 60C.

All these calculations were done by ourselves and an external third party called Climate Partner

Our offset project helps rid the world oceans of plastic.

How we make Gin

Using a state of the art precision Still (powered by solar and green energy) we suspend our botanicals in the tank during the distillation process. With a mixture of ethanol and water, the still is slowly heated up to allow the majority of the ethanol to convert to vapour (it has a lower boiling point than water, at 78.2C). This vapour passes through the botanicals and takes tiny particulars of them up a tall column before we cool it back into a liquid (with our custom closed water system). This is the distillate and we collate this to start making the Gin, for our London Dry, we only collect up to 70% ABV. Diluting this with pure (reverse osmosis) water makes our Gin.


We've experimented with many sustainable approaches for powering our Still, unfortunately husky powered hamster wheels didn't work as expected, so we used the sun instead and draw on solar power.

We're passionate about doing the right thing and here are just some of our green initiatives.

Sustainable Energy

When the sun doesn't shine, we fall-back on a 100% sustainably sourced energy provider.

Minimising Water Waste

Innovate custom built closed water system for recycling water used to cool our Still and the distillation process.

Future Forest

We've planted a forest with over 600 trees and plants.